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World Talk Radio- Health Matters: 'Exploring the Voice to Find Freedom from Fear' -Dr. Shoshana Bennett

Artist's Edge -'The Shy Singer, an Interview with Vikki Flawith' -Debra Russell

TAXI Road Rally Panel -'Fear Factor: Removing the Roadblocks to Your Success' [Debra Russell, moderator]

TAXI Road Rally Panel -'Writing Songs & Composing Instrumentals for Film & TV' [Michael Laskow, moderator]

TAXI Road Rally Breakout Class -'You Can Give the Industry What It Wants & Still Be Creative'

TAXI Road Rally Breakout Class: -'Persistence: How to Overcome Writer's Block'

THE BC ACCOUNTANTS ASSOCIATION: -'Finding Inspiration for the Future'

CBC RADIO -Interview: Jane Dykeman

TALKS FOR the Church of Truth -'Metamorphosis: The Willingness to Surrender' & 'Sound of the Sacred: Musical Voice of the Soul'