I used to spend my allowance going to the movies every Saturday. Didn't matter which film was showing. When I got a little older, I loved to be off work on a Friday and catch a matinee. Sometimes two. I'm the one who would sit there while everyone else was leaving, to see the closing credits and listen to the soundtrack until the very end. I'm the one who will watch the same film many times, just to hear the score.

I began to write my own songs as a young teenager, and was usually involved in school bands and choirs. Later, at home with my first PC, I'd use free recording software to record improvised vocal lines to create tapestries. When I discovered the world of Virtual Instruments (VSTs), I started creating instrumentals. I had no idea then that I could do more than just play with sounds. But I became friends with a number of composers and realized there was a market for production music. I began to develop my composition and production skills to the point where I was getting music placed on television shows and in documentaries.

There's many things that inspire me, but first and foremost, it's story. I've loved books since my Dad read to us when I was little (and yes, he was wonderful at doing all the voices). He introduced me to science fiction. I'm the one who tottered out of the local library with a stack every month. I'd have three or four books on the go at one time... non-fiction, fiction, biography, technical manuals. I also acted & directed in community theatre and appeared in many musicals & several operas.

These days I am an avid roleplayer, I write imaginative fiction almost every day, I am working on finishing my novel. And, of course, I write music!

I often compose by listening: choosing sounds that sing to me. I hear melody in percussion and harmony in noise. My work is typically a hybrid of sound design, synths, and orchestral elements.

Credits include production music on television shows such as: 'Pawn Stars,' 'Chicago P.D.', 'Crimes Gone Viral', 'Catfish the TV Show', 'Hunting Hitler', 'Vice News Tonight', 'Le Crime Parfait N'Existe Pas', 'Kassensturz', 'Auction Kings', 'Meteorite Men', 'My Strange Criminal Addiction', 'Natural Born Monsters', 'Bad Dog!', 'Invisible Worlds', 'What You Can't See', 'Aspettando Geo', 'The Secret Life of Chaos' & 'Secret Service Secrets'; several episodes each of 'Snapped Killer Couples', 'LT Joe Kenda, Homicide Hunter', & 'I Almost Got Away With It'; plus the TV Movie 'The Bomb' (2015). My co-written song, "Lies are in Your Eyes," has been on 'The Young & the Restless' several times.

I am a self-confessed Trekkie, a huge LOTR fan, and a sci-fi/fantasy geek. My favourite food is cookies.